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"SONGS OF THE CITY" a musical show...

The idea for "Songs of the City" came to me while thinking of how I, as a young man moved from a small town in South Africa to a large European city.........

You arrive full of optimism and expectation - naively overestimating yourself...expecting life, career, love, success all to be yours!

But, the city sometimes sings another song.......sometimes good and sometimes funny, and sometimes your dreams are shattered and you have to learn to live with disappointment and still come out on top - because losers can be winners, just take it easy and make the city your friend.

The show takes place in a bar, where I meet my friends the barman and the pianist, and go through an evening of singing and dancing, jazz and razz-a-matazz, joking and lively stories of a colourful life.
If I can just make you laugh and feel good, if only for a few moments, then the show is a success.

References - Entertainment

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